Q. What is this app?
This app was created as part of my Final Year project for my Computer Science BSc degree at Cardiff University. It analyses your music streaming data and your fitness tracker data to see if the music has any affect on your exercise.
Q. Can I test the app?
Due to this app being used for my final year project at University, I can only allow people to test the app after recieving ethical approval, and then each tester has to read a detailed Participant information sheet and sign a consent form. Therefore, the link to the app will not be shared, if you are interested in testing, please contact me
Q. What services can I use?
The app currently supports FitBit and Spotify.
Q. How do I create an account?
You simply connect your FitBit account! You don't need to give this app your username and password, you simply authenticate with fitbit and they send us a token which we can use to create you an account and access your FitBit data.
Q. What data do you access?
For FitBit: We access your basic account information (username, profile picture, ID). We also access a list of your most recent activities, and finally, we access a map of your most recent run (containing heart rates, pace, steps and other FitBit data.)

For Spotify: We access your last 50 listened to tracks.
Q. How do I use the app?
You first connect your Spotify and FitBit accounts. Then, you go for a run whilst listening to any music of your choice. I reccommend that you manually begin a run activity with GPS enabled on your FitBit to ensure it captures the entire run. Once you're done, you sync your FitBit with the FitBit app (we can't see the data until it has been synced), and finally, you come back to us and click the 'Sync most recent run button'. From there, we will pull in your data and display it for you. After you have completed 5 runs, you will get access to the 'results' section, in which we will display some interesting results to you!